Collar Styles

  • Metal Buckle: Either a gold, silver or black side release buckle with matching hardware. It functions as a classic flat collar.  
  • YKK Buckle: Black plastic side release buckle and hardware color of choice. It functions as a classic flat collar.
  • Martingale: A classic collar that is used for training and for dogs that are escape artists. Slips over your dog's head and when pulled the collar will tighten to prevent the dog from backing out of the collar. There is a small loop in the front where you will clip your leash and tighten around the dog’s neck when tension is applied.
  • Limited Slip: One of the best sellers in the shop. This collar slips over our dog’s head and will tightens when pulled like a martingale collar (prevents the dog from backing out of the collar). Unlike the classic martingale collar there is no small loop in the front, but it is part of the entire collar.
  • Slip: Similar to both the martingale and limited slip where the collar will tightens when tension is applied but this style is NOT adjustable and custom made to fit your dog’s head/neck.
  • Dual Buckle: This is a classic flat collar, but has two buckles (metal side release and roller buckle).