Leo & Jane

Leo is a 3 year old Maine Coon living in Chicago, IL. Known online for his sense of style, he is often seen sporting various accessories. At home, he loves getting attention and will do anything for treats!

Collar: XL Cat
Bandana: Medium



Ego & Sydney

Ego is a 3 year old Border Collie adventuring in Minnesota. He loves naps and cuddles, and is guaranteed to bring you a toy if you meet him. He hates frozen vegetables and loves to work. His favorite places to hike involves mud and water.

Collar: Medium
Bandana: Large



Gumbo & Hana

Gumbo is an uncoordinated golden retriever who has the intelligence of a toddler. He is most known for his flappy mouth. Maple is a demon who gains powers from killing people.

Collar: Large
Bandana: XL



Nacho & Karen

Nacho is a 5 year old sesame Shiba Inu who is originally from New York City and now lives in San Francisco. He loves adventuring and discovering new places, whether it's exploring new parks, going on hikes, camping or finding the yummiest places to eat and have tea (especially boba). You'll often see him with his shibae Miko all around SF on some kind of city saunter or outdoor adventure.

Collar: Small
Bandana: Medium



Miko & Alva

Miko, a 3 year old, SF living, cream Shiba Inu. Should’ve been named “Nervous Nellie”. Redirects her anxiety into her desire to be a fashionista. Much style. Such fashion. Love always!

Collar: Small
Bandana: Medium