All helloshibe Pendleton blankets are created by hand. Due to the variation of patterns on the fabric, every blanket will look different


  • Virgin Wool Pendleton Fabric
  • Leather Strap Holder
  • Water Resistant Fabric Backing
  • Size Approx. 36" W x 48" L

Pendleton fabric is NOT machine washable and needs to be dry cleaned. If you need to clean your collar, we suggest hand washing with cold water when needed. If you start to notice any pills on your collar, there are a number of products that are available to help you remove it (i.e. a pill remover).


These are custom made-to-order items. Due to variation in the fabric's pattern and the brightness of your screen, your item may look a little different from what is shown above. We try our best to portray the item as it appears in person.

Be sure to check your gear often for signs of wear and tear. helloshibe is not responsible for damages due to scratching, chewing, pulling, etc. Once purchased, it is up to the owner to check the condition of their pet's gear before each use.